Tutorial set up Canvato – Email Signature Business into Mail Application with MacOS [Video/Image]

Trần Thế Vinh 28/05/2020 132 lượt xem


Canvato Email Signature is an email signature generator based on available templates, helping you create unique email signatures as you wish.

How to create Email Signature Business – Canvato: https://wiki.matbao.net/kb/tutorial-email-signature-canvato

Video :

Image : 

Fill your information into specific field, it will show off this image

Select Signature at red rectangle by COMMAND ⌘ + A, then COMMAND ⌘ + C to Copy

Open your Mail Application, click on Mail tab > Preferences

Click on Signatures

Then click from 1 to 3

Click on Blank Space on the right, COMMAND ⌘ + V to Paste into it.

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