Tutorial set up Canvato – Email Signature Business into Email Pro [Video/Image]

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Canvato Email Signature is an email signature generator based on available templates, helping you create unique email signatures as you wish.

How to create Email Signature Business – Canvato: https://wiki.matbao.net/kb/tutorial-email-signature-canvato

Video :

Image :

Fill your information into specific field, it will show off this image

1. Select Signature at red rectangle by CTRL+A, then CTRL+C to Copy

2. Log in your Email Pro address. Then click Settings icon on the top right

3. Click on Identities > your Email Pro address

4. Turn on HTML Signature, then Paste into Signature blank space by Ctrl+V

5. At that time, you are still on Settings page. You need to click on Preferences > Composing Messages to turn on automatically HTML message composing

You have to change Compose HTML messages to always. Then click Save to finish.

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